Competitor Classes



GritWOD is CrossFit Southie’s competitor programming.  The WOD blog can be found here.  This program assumes that you have taken 3+ months of RX classes,  can complete most workouts as RX and currently have an unlimited member status.  It is also expected that you have developed efficiency in the core weightlifting and gymnastics movements and developed a strong base of general physical preparedness.  On top of these basic requirements, there are specific athletic requirements that must be met.  If you think you are ready, please schedule a time with Amy or Goose and discuss what is expected of you in the program, what skills you will need to bring up to par to be successful in the program and ultimately to decide if it is for you.

The GritWOD program includes a higher volume, including more strength and technical weightlifting and high skill gymnastics.  Competitors are expected to watch the videos on the site, know the workload before coming to class and have a game plan in mind.  To participate in class, athletes must be on time and keep pace with the class.  Similar to general classes, burpee late penalties will be enforced where necessary.  Coaches are here to guide you through and help with improving technique on platforms but there will be little drilling and more time moving and feeling the movements.  Instruction will focus on how to improve efficiency with movements in order to be a successful CrossFit competitor.  Warm ups will be different and more challenging than the class and will be posted on the site.  GritWOD runs alongside classes on the hour in Southie Green on Mon,Tues, Wed & Friday. at 5:30,12,5 &6.

new web picWhen held, the GritWOD will start promptly at 8am on Saturdays. The gym will open at 7:45, at the latest, and you will be expected to be ready to go at 8am.  Saturday AMs are the only chance for our team to get together so expect for the coach to work out with the class. We strongly encourage everyone that is able to make it at 8 to be there to encourage camaraderie and competition. If you plan on doing the Burnt Toast WOD later in the day and the WOD is different from the general Crossfit classes, please be respectful of any classes that may be taking place.

The shortcut to success is working on your weaknesses. There is no better program in the world than an individualized one. Although this program includes everything an athlete needs to be able to compete at a high level, weakness training should be added in to produce the best results. Weaknesses need to be addressed throughout the entire year.  Competitors are encouraged to program weakness training, in addition to or in place of the bt programming.  To make this easier, we will be posting “Floater WODs” each Sunday. There will be three floater WODs each week, one gymnastic heavy, one weightlifting heavy and one conditioning heavy.   Based on your weaknesses you should choose ONE of the “Floater WODs” and complete it at some point during the week in addition to the competitor programming. “Floater WODs” will be posted on the board and scores should be recorded as completed to give other athletes times/numbers to shoot for. If you need help determining your weaknesses, coaches are here to help.