In-House Throwdown Event 4 Announced!


In-House Throwdown Event 4
2 Rounds 400m Run as a Team
Then performed gauntlet style: 15 Pull Ups 50 Double Unders 20 Wall Balls (16 min cap)
At “Go!” all three team members will begin a 400m Run. Once all athletes have returned from the run, Athlete 1 will move to Station 1 and begin to work on pull ups. Once complete, he/she will move to Station 2 to begin working on double unders, and Athlete 2 will begin pull ups. This will continue until all athletes make it through all 3 stations. Athletes cannot move on until the station in front of them is clear. Once all of the athletes have made it through the gauntlet, the team will begin a second round, starting with the 400m run. Time stops when the final athlete has made it through the gauntlet for the second round. Teams can enter the gauntlet in any order and can switch orders from the first to the second round.

Rx Men – 20# Wallball to 10’ Target, Double Unders
Rx Women – 14# Wallball to 10’ Target, Double Unders
Scaled Men – 14# Wallball to 10’ Target, 2x Single Unders
Scaled Women – 10# Wallballs to 9’ Target, 2x Single Unders

½ Tabata Row Rest
:30 seconds
½ Tabata Jump Rope

Horizontal Pulling 3 x 10 Inverted Rows* -Between sets complete 10 Slow and Controlled Scap pull-ups
*Use a box under the feet for an extra challenge on the inverted Rows

At 0:00 1000m Row 100 Double Unders 21 Power Snatches (95,65)
At 10:00 750m Row 75 Double Unders 15 Power Snatches
At 18:00 500m Row 50 Double Unders 9 Power Snatches

Level 2- (75,50) Level 1- (65,35)

Extra Work
Not For Time
3 Rounds
10 Strict Toes To Bar
Accumulate 1:00 Deadhang
20 GHD Sit ups
Accumulate 1:00 Hollow Hold on GHD
20 Hip Extension
Accumulate 1:00 Superman Hold on GHD

*Scale Holds to :30 where necessary