Please Clean Out Your Cubbies

Mel, Zara, Alice

We are asking everyone who has shoes, bags, etc. anywhere in the gym (shelving in the toaster & behind the men’s room, or cubbies in Southie Green and Orange) please take them home until after Showdown weekend (11/8-11/11). We need the areas to be clear to make room for the competition. Once the Showdown is over, you are more than welcome to bring your shoes back and leave them at the gym again on Monday. Anything that is left, will be put in lost and found and donated to goodwill a month from now.  Everything will be cleared on Thurs 11/8.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation!

5 Minute Dynamic Warm Up
*Coaches – focus on hip opening & getting shoulders warm (over/under fence, bear crawls, plank walks, etc.)

2 Minute Hollow Rock/Superman Challenge
-Set clock for 2 minutes. Goal is to accumulate as many hollow rocks as possible. The only “rest” position is in a superman hold.

Thoracic Rolling with Barbell anchoring for opening of the Overhead Position

800m Run

Then 3 Rounds
7 Overhead Squats (135,95)
7 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

800m Run

Then 3 Rounds
7 Overhead Squats
7 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

800m Run

Level 3- 115,75
Level 2- 95,55, chin over bar
Level 1- 75,35, chin over bar
ADV- 155,105, 2nd round switch to 7 Bar Muscle-ups

Coaches note: Short reps today. It’s a great time to challenge yourself with heavier weight and a challenging pull-up.

Extra Work
Tabata GHD Sit Up
Tabata GHD Hip Extensions
Reverse Tabata Supine GHD Parallel Hold
Reverse Tabata Prone Ghd Parallel Hold