Piston’s Pump


We’re cleaning the place up. We’re asking you all to take your shoes home for a week. At the end of the week we will remove any left over shoes. You may then bring back ONE pair of OLY shoes only to keep at the gym.
The same goes for jump ropes. We have moved them to a different location. We have a new home in the toaster for those of you that want to keep your rope at the box but we want to weed out all of the unused ropes. Talk to your coach and they will show you their new home.

-20 Buprees
10 inchworms with diamond push-up
-5-8 Minutes of shoulder stretching
-10 Barbell squat cleans working towards making hip contact
-10 Spit jerks working on proper footwork

Strength (30 minutes)
Work up to a 1RM Squat Clean and Jerk

WOD (10 minute hard cap)
KB SA Snatches-equal reps each arm
Handstand Push-ups

Games- (2,1.5)
Regional/Open (1.5,1)