PF Sequence

Twist em up, let em go!
Twist em up, let em go!

Row 1000m Easy
20 Barbell Overhead Squats
Spend 15 minutes warming up snatch/OHS and whatever else is necessary for completion

WOD (35 minutes)
Pass/Fail sequence
Every 3 minutes you have a single modality requirement. You must complete the total number of repetitions for the “pass” to be valid. These repetitions will sometimes be specified as “unbroken”. If the total repetitions are completed but not unbroken it will not be considered a “pass”. The movement must be completed within the 2 minute time allotment and then rest for the final minute.
1. 100 Double Unders
2. 30/25 unbroken toes to bar
3. 3 Squat Snatches 205/135
4. 20 rebounding box jumps (no missed reps) full stand (30,24)
5. 8/5 Unbroken Ring Muscle-ups
6. 500m row sub 1:40/1:55
7. 10 Overhead Squats (205,135)
8. 30/25 unbroken butterfly pull-ups
9. 30/25 unbroken wallballs to target
10. 50 foot handstand walk
11. 10/7 Bar Muscle-ups
12. 20 unbroken Handstand push-ups
Choose your scaling options before you begin