CrossFit Open

KBS - Extended Knees, Hips, Arms
KBS – Extended Knees, Hips, Arms

The CrossFit Open…The Opens are less than a month away.  If you haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for?  Punch the ticket kid!  Time to test the machine.  The Opens are a requirement to participate in the competitor program here at CFS so be sure to sign up ASAP.

We will be completing the CrossFit Open WODs during classes on Fridays with a partner (judge).   For those unable to make it on Fridays or who wish to retest, makes up can be done during Open Gym on Saturday or at anytime outside of super busy class hours as long as you can convince someone to be your judge.

Click here to register and don’t forget to choose CrossFit Southie as your affiliate!

More on Signing Up/Teams
In years past, we had 2 teams in the Open.  Team 1 is comprised of our hand picked big guns that will undoubtedly make Regionals and hopefully make it back to the CrossFit Games finals in LA.  Team 2, comprised everyone else in the gym, and has been right on the cusp of making Regionals the past two years.  This year they have combined our Region with Canada West making even more difficult to qualify for Regionals.  We have decided to only have one team this year to ensure we make it.   With all of your help we are hoping to qualify for Regionals and hopefully be one of the top teams coming out of the Open.  That is, if everyone signs up and contributes to the teams scores.

What do I mean, you say?  Let me elaborate…

Each week, during the Open, the team’s ranking is decided by the top 3 individual male and female scores of members of the gym signed up for the Open. Even if you know you wil not be on the team competing at Regionals it doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of the team in the Open and help send the team to Regionals.

If the Open Wod in week 1 comes up and its burpees and double unders which just happens to be your peanut butter and JAM! you crush it and your score contributes to team’s score and helps catapult us to Regionals.

Let’s show the community how strong of a box we are by having the most participants in the Open and being one of the top teams coming out of the Open.

If you have already signed up, log back in and select CrossFit Southie as your team.

Judging Exam
Also, there is an excellent online judging course put out by CrossFit HQ that can be found here.    Individuals are not required to take the course to be a judge during the opens but is highly recommended on our end as it covers the in’s and out’s of judging.  Peeps that hope to compete at Regionals have to be judged by someone who has taken the exam so the more peeps that pass, the easier it will be to find judges.  It is also helpful as an athlete to know what is expected of you.  It makes our jobs as coaches easier when athletes understand the movement standards, as they are easier to enforce on our end and no reps are much more accepted and understood.  If you have any desire to compete at a higher level, PLEASE take the exam.  We are actually making this course mandatory for all of our coaching staff and those hoping to qualify for the Regional Squad.

That’s all for now just under a month before the Open kicks off.  Get excited!

Grab Barbell with light weight
2 Rounds
1 Minute Max Double Unders
1 Minute Max Squat Cleans
1 Minute Max Split Jerks

– Mobilize Rack Position

Mins 1-6
2 Squat Cleans@85%
Minute 7 Rest
Mins 8-13
2 Split Jerks@85%
Minute 14 Rest
Minutes 15-20
1 Clean and Jerk@90-95%

100 Double Unders
50 Power Cleans (135,95)
100 Double Unders

Masters- 115