Partner WODski

Coach Christina getting her Burpee on

Please post to the blog if you are retesting 12.5 tomorrow.

If anyone would like to help, we will be moving the desk from southie orange to southie green and finishing up the new addition after the 12.5 retest…so noonish. Free beer for those who participate:)

With a Parther:
Row 1000m switching every 250m
Run 800m with a sandbag (36/24) switching every 200m
3 rounds (you may partition reps however you want) of
20 deadlifts (225/135)
40 hand realease pushups
60 situps
80 lateral barbell hops
Run 800m Swithing every 200m
Row 1000m switching every 250m

Level 2 (185,105)
Level 1 (135,75)