Partner Up

Burning toast since day 1

Warm Up
Pull a small tire/sled (loaded with 45/25)To the 200m with pressing movements
Drag the tire backwards to the 400m with pulling movements
Pull the tire back to the 200m with pressing movements and drag the tire backwards from the 200m with pulling movements.

Skill & Mobility – 15 mins
C2B Butterfly Pull-Up
If you do not have butterfly pullups you are at a real disadvantage in the game. The only way you get them is by forcing yourself to practice. Take some time to practice today and check out this short tutorial…

Plate/double lacrosse ball scapular overhead mobility
Lat stretching

With a partner, one person works at a time
Box Jumps (30/24)
Kb Swings (2/1)
Ring Dips

If doing alone scale to 30-20-10

Homework – Get to the Garage Games if you are not competing and check it out.  Watch the top competitors, specifically how they approach workouts, their pace and their technique/movement patterns.  They are the top for a reason.  Also, spend some time recovering from the week with some myofascial work and stretching.