Paleo Point System

We have added 2 7:30 classes on Monday and Wednesday nights, and a 11am on Saturdays. There will be a 7:30 class tonight if anyone is interested.

Paleo Challenge Point System

In your journal you should have a daily log of your food intake. Every week you start with 100 points. For every cheat that you have during the week you need to subtract 5 points per serving.

  • Cheats constitute:
    • All Dairy
      • Milk in coffee is only -1
      • Non-fat greek yogurt is -3 instead of -5
    • Grains- Rice, bread, pasta, cake, cookies, cereal ect.
      • Oatmeal is the only exception (still a cheat, but you may subtract 3 instead of 5) if prepared with no added sugar.
    • Legumes- Peanuts, soy beans, lima beans, kidney beans, ect.
    • Packaged/processed food
    • Fast food
    • Artificial sweetener
    • Soft drinks and juices
    • Added sugar
    • Alcohol other than red wine and tequila
    • Each day that you take 2.5g of fish oil add 2 points. You want high-dose fish-oil. CVS brand isn’t going to cut it.
    • Each day that you come to CrossFit add 3 points
      • You do not get double points for double workouts
    • If you workout outside of CrossFit add 3 points– walking, the elliptical, and bicep curls DO NOT COUNT! You know what is worth doing at this point, don’t cheat!
    • If you take a rest day, but you still dedicate 20+ minutes to foam rolling, stretching, and/or trigger point work add 3 points. **If you stretch and roll for an hour it is still 3 points. The mobility points are only for time spent outside of class. This includes before class, after class, and at home.**


    • You are not following the Paleo diet if you are not consuming any fruits or vegetables. Each day that you eat less than 3 servings of fruits and vegetables subtract 10 points.