Paleo Comfort Cuisine Delivery Service


Integrity in every bite – The chefs at Paleo Comfort Cuisine are inspired to provide delicious and bold flavored foods prepared simply with local, fresh ingredients. Our meals are pre-packaged with no preservatives to keep you satisfied and eating right.

Centered on commonly available modern foods, the “contemporary” Paleolithic diet consists mainly of meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, roots, and nuts; and excludes grains, legumes, dairy products, refined sugar, and processed oils.

Paleo Comfort Cuisine will be delivering Paleo Meals to CrossFit Southie every Monday and Thursday making your ‘clean’ eating that much easier!

It is easy and fast….all you have to do is click on the link on to the Paleo Comfort Cuisine site Browse the menu for “items available this week”. Choose from freshly prepared entrées, snacks and sides then add your items to the “shopping cart”. Once you have made your selections complete the check out information required, check off the CrossFit Southie delivery site and it will be delivered right to the Paleo refrigerator on location. All orders are delivered in sealed packages with your name and receipt attached. Orders are accepted up until 9pm the night before the delivery day so you can order anytime! All menu items are prepared to order the day of the delivery to maintain the highest quality and ensure they stay fresh for days. We list all our ingredients on the website and also include them on the individual packaging.

Check it out and start ordering anytime on Monday to get your order in for Thursday’s delivery!  You will NOT be disappointed!