Paleo Challenge Update!

Parking Lot Fun
Parking Lot Fun

Labor Day Schedule- We will be running a normal schedule today.  Yoga is cancelled on Sunday but otherwise a normal general class schedule.  On Monday will be running a reduced schedule at 9am,10am, 11am and noon All Level classes in Southie Green.  The gym will close promptly at 1pm.

Feel like your diet needs a little revamping? Well get excited because we will kickstarting our annual fall Paleo Challenge within the next few weeks!!! Leave your calendar open on Tuesday, September 9th in order attend our paleo lecture seminar at 7 pm. If you plan on attending please sign up here. Looking forward to our biggest crowd to date! The lecture will include a general discussion of the paleo diet in addition to rules and  guidelines to follow when logging. Don’t miss out!

Partner WOD
One Partner works at a time
7 Rounds Each:
5 Burpees
7 Over the Box Jumps
9 Wallballs
Once all 7 Rounds are complete
1 400m Sprint Each

Level 2- 4,6,8 or 6 Rounds
Level 1- 3,4,6 or 5 Rounds