Paleo Challenge Lecture – September 10th, 7pm

It’s that time of year… Paleo Challenge time! This year, the challenge will begin on Sunday, September 15 and will last for 6 weeks. (Yup, we planned it perfectly so you won’t have to waste all of your points on Halloween candy this year!) There will be a $20 buy-in for the challenge, with all money going to the winners!

Even if you regularly eat Paleo or have done this challenge before, it’s a great way to really dial in your nutrition and hold yourself more accountable than you normally would. If you’ve never tried Paleo before but have considered it, what better time to start than when all of your favorite gym friends are doing it with you?!

The challenge will kick off with a Paleo lecture on September 10 at 7pm (We have also added a make-up lecture Friday the 13th at 6pm). During the week leading up to the challenge, we’ll take your measurements and test some benchmark workouts. During the next 6 weeks, you’ll be responsible for logging your daily food intake and coming in here and hitting WODs as hard as you can. At the end of the 6 weeks, we’ll take measurements again, retest the benchmarks, and crown a winner! To sign-up for the challenge, please click here.

Here are some important dates to remember as you gear up for the challenge:

  • Paleo Lecture: September 10, 7pm- Make-up lecture Friday, September 13th at 6pm
  • Weigh-ins & Measurements: September 11, 12, & 13 (Bring $20.00 cash!)
  • Fran: September 9th
  • Max Clean & Jerk: September 10th
  • Christine: September 13th
  • 1 Mile Run: September 14th

For some more info on how the point system will work and the answers to some FAQ, click here. Get excited!

Overhead Squat

20 Toes to Bar
20 Hang Squat snatches (95,65)
20 Toes to Bar
20 Overhead Squats
20 Toes to Bar

Adv (115,75)
L2 – (75/55)
L1 – (65/35)