Paleo Chair and weekend Recap


Accumulate 10+ minutes in your Paleo chair
Spend the next 50 minutes stretching rolling (calves, hips, hamstrings) whatever was limiting you in your chair
Retest the chair after each mobilization

Weekend Recap – In a Regional Level Competition this past weekend at CFNE the Toasties were the most represented of any box and fared very well.  TJ and Haley cleared every bar set up and won the Clean & Jerk ladder.  We had 4 guys finish in the top 11.  Pat P finished 11th, Mike Hyatt in 9th, TJ O in 5th and Goose in 4th.  Haley finished 7th in the ladies division.  New to the Regional Level competition scene Julie Arthur and Bish had respectable showings and are hungry for more.  Keep burning toast will be at the top in no time.