Pair Up ThrowDown


Primarily Indoors
We are running the Pair Up Throwdown during all classes today. You do not need a partner nor do you have to be officially registered to take part, just show up like itโ€™s a normal class and have some fun. More info on the throwdown can be found through this link. The workout will be released on Thursday night at 3pm.

200M Run Together

10 – 8 – 6
Good Mornings
Front Squat with plate and press out
Shoulder Activators*

*Round 2 – Hip Touches Each Side
Round 3 – Hand Turn Overs Each Side

Pair UP ThrowDOWN
WOD – Time CAP – 35:00
For time, as pairs:
30 synchro deadlifts
30 synchro bar-facing burpees
400-m run

20 synchro deadlifts
20 synchro bar-facing burpees
400-m run

10 synchro deadlifts
10 synchro bar-facing burpees
400-m run

Rest 5 min.

10 synchro thrusters
10 synchro pull-ups
400-m run

20 synchro thrusters
20 synchro pull-ups
400-m run

30 synchro thrusters
30 synchro pull-ups
400-m run

Women 125-lb. deadlift, 55-lb. thruster
Men 185-lb. deadlift, 75-lb. thruster

Extra Work
Assault Bike conditioning
200/150 Cals For time
Completed as..
:45s Moderate
:15s Max Sprint
*Continue until finished

ADV – 300/225