Indoor/Outdoor Fitness Classes

*We are back Open Indoors.  Check our schedule here for all upcoming class times*

Indoor/Outdoor Classes

Running classes indoors comes with many rules and guidelines to ensure a safe environment among the COVID-19 virus.  We are continuing to put the health and safety of our athletes first and taking the proper precautions and cleaning protocols to do so.

Safety Precautions

  • Current guidelines call for operating at 25% capacity.  Luckily, Southie Green is nearly 10,000 square feet.  We will be limiting attendance in an effort to keep everyone safe and will be operating even lower than the suggested 25% capacity.
  • Just like outside, each station is equipped with disinfectant.
  • Foot traffic will be controlled with arrows on the floor – just like at the super market!
  • Indoor stations are set up to be a minimum of 14 feet apart.
  • Staff perform a thorough cleaning of any high-contact surfaces throughout the day and at the end of the night.
  • Masks will be required at all times.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Dress warm.  Even though we are in a well ventilated building, when the temp is above freezing we will keep doors and windows open to allow for extra ventilation.  With extreme cold, the doors will be closed and the heat will be on.
  • Not comfortable coming inside?  You will have the freedom to complete the workout indoors or outdoors. As long as you have registered for class and there is space, we will make every effort to be flexible and meet your needs.
  • There are 17 indoor rig/rack stations in Southie Green.  To ensure you get a spot on the rig/rack days you will need to be registered for WOD.  There are an additional 17 MOD WOD spots in each class which will gain you a spot in the class but may require a non rig/rack modification (ex toes 2 rings, V-ups, Bent Over Rows or taking the bar from the floor for the strength portion).
  • Southie Green will be exclusively for classes. In order to keep distance, stations will extend into the Toaster (the space near the front desk).
  • Southie Orange will be used for Open Gym. There will be 4 spots with access to a pull up rig, and 7 additional spots without a pull up rig. If Open Gym is not full, we may use these spots for class participants as well.

Please take a minute to read the rules for class and gym etiquette that ensure our compliance with local guidelines-  

  • Inside you must remain 14ft apart when in your station. Please set up your equipment in the center of your box.
  • Athletes are also required to wear a mask any time you are outside of the box and running.
  • All equipment must be sanitized after the session. If you plan to use rings, or ropes, please do not take them out unless you are going to sanitize where you touched. If you are not able to sanitize where you made contact with the rope/rings please do not use them.
  • Open Gymers-  please stay in your squares and try to condense where you complete your workout. If you leave your station please keep your mask on. Also remember to wipe everything down after your session.
  • Do not come to the gym if you are sick.


You will notice that the registration schedule will look different. A few things to note about class registration:

  • If you have no intention of working out inside or making use of a Rack/Rig, please register for “MOD WOD.” This will save room in the “WOD” class for people who DO want to workout indoors and make use of a pull up bar. On most days you will be able to complete the workout exactly as it is written inside/outside under the MOD WOD classification.
  • If you wish to workout outside and “MOD WOD” is full, you can register for “WOD” and stay outside for the duration of the class.
  • Open Gym slots are labeled as “Indoor Open Gym with Rig Access”, “Indoor Open Gym without Rig Access”. If you do not intend to use a Pull Up Rig during your workout that day, please register for one of the other available spots.
  • Given the distance requirements, pull up space is tough to come by. Three stations do not allow for kipping and 1 station includes the fat bar which means a few volunteers will be needed in larger classes to perform strict pull-ups, ring rows or to test their grip strength.  We also set up rings at many stations for toes to rings and ring pull up variations.
  • We know everyone is excited to get back on the rig but this isn’t the Hunger Games. Please do not run to/fight for pull up stations.  If you signed up for WOD and do not have a pull up station, let a coach know and will work it out.

Registering for Classes
Registration can be done via the ZenPlanner app (iOs & Android available). Classes are available to register for beginning 48 hours in advance.

  • If you hold a current CrossFit Southie membership, please download the ZenPlanner app and log in using the email address we have on file for you. If you have any trouble accessing your account, resetting your password or if your membership looks off, please email [email protected] and we will help you troubleshoot.
  • If you are have previous CrossFit experience and would like to drop-in or sign up for a membership, please sign up here. Then, follow the prompts to set up a ZenPlanner account to reserve classes.
  • If you are brand new to CrossFit, please email [email protected] We are not offering our traditional introductory session, but we will find a time for you to try it out!
  • If you purchasing a membership/class pack or are making any changes to your membership it’s easier to do so in person or via email as in the past there have been instances where ZenPlanner has experienced connectivity issues leading to multiple charges.

Open Gym
Open gym hours are available for sign up via the ZenPlanner app.  Please note that Open Gym sessions DO count toward your weekly class allowance.

Outdoor Classes – Postponed until the Spring

We are using the parking lot in front of our building to provide the workout experience you know and love… all while keeping a safe distance. The health and safety of our members is our top priority, so we are following all state guidelines closely. Stations are set up to allow for necessary social distancing, no equipment will be shared, and we are following a strict cleaning protocol.   Please read below for more details and information on how to join a class!

Safety Guidelines
-The parking lot is closed to vehicles for safety. Street parking is available.
-Please adhere to social distancing guidelines when arriving at the gym. If the previous class is finishing up, please make your way to an unoccupied mat or find a safe place to stand off to the side until class is finished.
-Face coverings are required when not at your station.