Open WOD 22.2

Flash Back Friday – Fanning crushing Open WOD 16.1

-BB Good Morning
-Single Leg Deadlift
-Slow Mt. Climbers with hip opening


With Long Band
2 Rounds
:30 Work/:15 Rest
-Side Steps
-Banded Kickback Right Side
-Banded Kickback Left Side
-Monster Walk

Banded Hamstring Stretch
Banded Pigeon

Open WOD 22.2
reps for time of:

• Deadlifts
• Bar-facing burpees

♀ 155 lb
♂ 225 lb

Time cap: 10 minutes

L2 – 135/95
L1- 95/65

Open Scaled
♀ 95 lb, may step over bar on burpees
♂ 135 lb, may step over bar on burpees

Cash-Out/Skill Work
8:00 EMOM
Odd – 12/10 Calorie Bike, Run or Ski
Even – 50′ Handstand Walk*

*Substitute with Double KB overhead carry or Shoulder taps

If your shoulders are tired from the WOD then 15 Hollow Rocks on the even minute

ADV – 15/12 and 100′

Your score is reps you were able to maintain, if you did the WOD RX your score is 62 for guys and 60 for ladies

Extra Work
10:00 Ascending AMRAP
2 Strict Toes To Bar
2 Kipping Toes To Bar
100M Run
4 Strict Toes To Bar
4 Kipping Toes To Bar
200M Run
6 Strict Toes To Bar
6 Kipping Toes To Bar
300M Run
8 Strict Toes To Bar
8 Kipping Toes To Bar
400M Run

Toes to bar go up by 2, Run goes up 100M each round – Scale to strict knee raises or keep the number the same instead of adding each time

Score is total rounds+reps if you completed the round of 8 and the run your score would be 4