Open WOD 22.1

Flash Back Friday – Sheazo on Open WOD 16.3

The Open begins today!! We will partner up in class today and judge each other. You do not have to be registered for the open to take class, although it is more fun if you are! For more information and to register visit The Crossfit Games Website HERE.

Through Boxes
-High Knees
-Butt Kickers
-Lateral Shuffle Right
-Lateral Shuffle Left
-Box Jumps


2 Rounds
10 Scap Push-Up
10 Alternating DB High Pull*
5 Prone Swimmers

*Round 2 – Muscle Snatch

Open WOD 22.1
Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:

โ€ข 3 wall walks
โ€ข 12 dumbbell snatches
โ€ข 15 box jump-overs

♀ 35-lb dumbbell, 20-in box
♂ 50-lb dumbbell, 24-in box

L2 – Scaled wall walks, 35/20-lb dumbbell, 24/20-in box,
may step up on box jump-overs

Extra Work
E3MOM for 15:00
12/10 Calorie bike
100′ SB Carry (140/90)

ADV – 15/12 Calorie (190/130)