Open WOD 18.4 – Diane X 2


18.4 is a similar fashion to 18.3. If you can do this weight for reps, let’s see how you are at this skill for reps.  If you can do this skill for reps, lets see how you are at a heavier weight.  If you can move the heavier weight, let’s see if you have this more advanced skill.  It’s a 9 minute workout.  Again, my suggestion would be to complete as much as possible as RX and go from there.  It’s the best use of your 9 minutes for your fitness hands down.  If able get through the deadlifts as fast as safely possible (good form peoples!) and try for that first hspu.

For that first one or high rep hspu’s, you will likely want to kip from the very beginning.  Head goes on the floor, butt on the wall and knees to the chest or elbows while keeping the spine rigid.  Hands should be about 6 inches to 1ft away from the wall so you can lean into the wall a bit.  I like to think about stomping the ceiling (or where the ceiling meets the wall) with my feet.  The hip drive should do most of the work and the arms should finish the movement when you are already well on your way up similar to an upside down thruster.

For those of you with HSPUs, stay smooth and make your reps count.  Pointing your toes toward the floor and bringing your feet together will help you achieve the height required to get the heals over the line.  It is also helpful to mark spots on the mats where you will put your hands each time.  As the hands get wider or further from the wall, it becomes more difficult to reach the height for a good rep.

If the deadlift weight is heavy, pull one at a time.  If the pull off the floor is the most difficult part, take longer breaks but get multiples using the rebound of the plates at the bottom without bending the elbows.  A belt is fine and probably a good idea for all or some portion of this workout.

Any way you slice it, its over in only minutes, have fun with it!

Schedule Update!
We will be running Hero WOD “Murph” on Sunday the 18th for the Southie St Patty’s day Parade. Heats will kick off at 8 and 830am. There will be no other scheduled classes on Sunday. The box will close down at 11am for the day due to the parade.

Sports Wellness This Saturday!
Dr. Miguel will be here this Saturday and still has some available appointments! Click HERE to schedyle your appointment!


Workout 18.4

21-15-9 reps of:
Deadlifts, 225 lb. / 155 lb.
Handstand push-ups
21-15-9 reps of:
Deadlifts, 315 lb. / 205 lb.
50-ft. handstand walk after each set

Time cap: 9 minutes

Read the scorecard for full event details.

Extra Work
Calories Bike
Calories Ski
Calories Row