One time through

Warmup –
2 rounds of
Bandy side steps 15 in each direction
15 Bandy good mornings
15 kipping hspus
15 zercher squats
15 bandy deadlits
(guys use green bands)

1 Attempt at max kettlebell swings

Skill – Free Standing HSPU work
5 minutes of Partnering Up and working on Free standing handstand holds with a partner. Partner spots and helps you to maintain the handstand when you start to teeter.

5-10 minutes of 2 options
#1 – headstand to handstand practice
#2 –side walking on the wall and hand raises/shoulder touches on the wall

EMOM for 10 minutes
3 Heavy Deadlifts with Band accommodating resistance
1 free standing HSPU attempt or max reps of free standing HSPU’s until you break

WOD (20min)
One time through
50 Chest to bar Pull-ups
50 Burpee jump and touch the pull up bar
1000m Row
Open – 30 C2B Pull Ups

Ring Work
3 Rounds of:
15 Push Ups
10 Ring Flyes
5 Ring Push Outs
Alternate each exercise with a partner