On the Run


Outdoors Primarily

Warm Up
6:00 AMRAP
200M Run
10 Single Arm DB High Pull
10 Single Arm DB Thruster
100M DB Carry

40s work/ 10s Rest x2
With Mini Band:
1. Hollow Hold Pull-over with DB*
2. DB Glute Bridges
3. Bicycle Abs
4. Push Up Walk**

* band around the calves for an extra challenge
** In a high plank with the mini-band around forearms, walk right to left of mat with Push-up

4 Rounds
400m Run
10 Alternating SA Beast Makers 50|35
200m DB Carry
15 DB Sit-up to Overhead Press

Level 2- 40|25
Level 1- 30|15
ADV- 70|50, Medball GHD- 20 Reps