Saturday 10/27 – OlyWOD

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Yosh will be out of town this weekend, so oly class will be non-coached. Feel free to come in and get after the programming together!

1:00 Deadbug home position
:30 Side plank (ea. side)
Split Jerk
-warmup, then work up heavy single
Power Clean+Front Squat
Clean pulls (1 from floor 3 from below knee)
-4 sets


Saturday 10/20 – OlyWOD

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-1:00 Contralateral deadbugs
-15 Hip/Glute Bridges
Snatch Balance
Power Snatch+OHS
Snatch pulls
-Warmup, then work up to a heavy triple


Saturday 10/13 – OlyWOD

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Clean & Jerk Warm Up
Clean+Hang Clean
Behind the Neck Jerk
-6×3 (medium)
Clean Pulls
-warmup, then work to a heavy triple


Saturday 10/6 – OlyWOD

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Want to improve your Oly Lifts? Try Working with the PVC Pipe…

Snatch Warmup

Snatch+Hang Snatch

Behind the Neck Snatch grip push press
-5×10 (light)

Snatch segment pull (floor/mid thigh/pull x3)
-4 sets

Saturday 9-29 – OlyWOD

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Mike Front Rack



-This workout is with both Snatch and Clean&Jerk and is similar to an EMOM. The goal is to make 20 lifts on both with no misses. I will go further into detail on this before we start class, but come ready to work!

1 @ …(5x)
1 @ …(5x)
1 @ …(5x)
then; 5 singles up to max.

Saturday 9/22 – OlyWOD

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Snatch warmup

Hang Snatch

Overhead Squat
Heavy Single

Snatch pulls
5 sets; 1 from the floor, 3 from below knee

Saturday 9/15 – OlyWOD

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Matt Kaplan Front Squat


Hang Clean
5×3; Push these weights a bit

Split Jerk
6×2 (increase weight from last workout *9/1)

Front Squat
*(Warmup with as many sets as you need. Goal is to go heavy as possible while maintaining posture/position. Don’t look like a dog shitting razor blades)