Saturday 2/2 – OlyWOD

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Speed Under the Bar

*Yosh is out today, please come in and follow the programming below with your Oly buddies!

A) Hang Snatch
– 5×3

B) Overhead Squat
– 3×5 (Nothing crazy here, focus on overhead position and trunk stability)

C) Behind neck Snatch grip push press
– Take an empty bar and perform 3 sets of 10. Focus on speed and lockout

D) Snatch grip deadlift
– 3×5

Saturday 1/26 – Oly WOD

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Clean Warm Up
Power Clean+Hang Clean (1+2)
-4 sets w/ 75-80%

Split Jerk
– 3×3

Clean pulls
– 3×5; holding eccentric positions

Saturday 1/19 – OlyWOD

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Greg Snatch Pockets

















Snatch warm up

Power Snatch+Hang Snatch+OHS
5 sets; building each time

Snatch Balance
5×3 using 50% of your 1RM from last week. Focus on speed and position.

Snatch pulls
3×5; holding positions through eccentric motion as well.

Saturday 1/12 – OlyWOD

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Overhead Squat


Clean & Jerk warmup

Clean & Jerk
3 or 4 warm up sets; then, build to a heavy single

Behind the neck Jerk
5×3; stay light here

Clean pulls

Saturday 1/5 – OlyWOD

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Coach Matt

Snatch warm up

build to a heavy single (take your time!)

Snatch pulls
5 sets; 1 from floor, 3 from below knee

Saturday 12/29 – OlyWOD

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A) Clean and Jerk warmup

B) 5 Hang Cleans + 2 Jerks
– 5 sets

C) Pause Front Squats
– 6×2

D) Clean first pulls
– 5×5

Saturday 12/15 – OlyWOD – Snatch It Up!

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A) Snatch warmup

B) Snatch
– 5×3

C) Snatch Balance
– 3×3 (increase if you can from last workout)

D) Snatch first pull