Oly Class Starts Tonight!

Colin – Front Rack Lunge


Oly Class: New Coach, New Night! Wednesdays at 7pm starting TONIGHT!
We are excited to announce that Oly Class is officially BACK this week! Pat Hopkins will be taking over for Yosh and leading the class. Pat has been a part of the CFS community for many years. Most recently, he has been training and competing with the Beantown Barbell Club Oly team. We are excited to have him as part of the crew, and know he will do a great job sharing his love and knowledge of Olympic lifting with all of us.

Oly class will be moving to Wednesday nights at 7pm in the Toaster (near the front desk). This class is open to all levels – novice lifters who want to improve technique, people interested in competing at meets, and everyone in between. We highly recommend you check this class out! The format of the class will remain the same, with the focus alternating each week (Ex: if we snatch this week, we will clean & jerk next week). First class is TONIGHT!

Below is how the Wed night Oly class will be structured each week…Hope to see you there!

Warmup (5 Minutes) Core Lift (25 Minutes w/demo) Accessory (10-15 Minutes) Squat (15 Minutes)

5 minutes to get the body warm and move through the mechanics each lift.

Barbell warmup:
10x Snatch/Clean Grip Shrug
5x Snatch/Clean Pull from Hang
5x Press from Back Rack
5x Push Press from Back Rack
5x OHS/Front Squat
5x Snatch Balance/Jerk


After demo of main lift/complex of the day the clock will be set on a 3 minute EMOM. This provides adequate/optimal rest between sets and provides for coaching cues and corrections for individual athletes.


Meant to be done immediately following last set of the core lift. Movement desinged to enforce good habbits form lifts and strengthen pulls.


Same clock principles as core lifts. Move with purpose and minimalize rest.

Warm Up
Run with medicine ball
Complete between sets:
-10 medball thrusters
-20 medball russain twists

Rowing for Calories/Power output
Pick Drill

5 Rounds
In 4 Minutes complete:
200m Sandbag Carry (4,3)
20 Wallballs
Then AMRAP Calories on the Rower or Ski Erg
Rest 1 Minute

Score=Total Calories Rowed

Level 2- 15 Wallballs
Level 1- 10 Wallballs, Unweighted run
ADV- 100m Heavy Sandbag Hug Carry

Extra Work
10 Strict HSPUs
20 Toe2Bar
15 Strict HSPUs
30 Toe2Bar
20 Strict HSPUs
40 Toe2Bar

Scaled – 5,10,10,20,15,30 – use bands assistance for strict HSPUS where able and need be.