OGAR Strong


On January 12th, 2014 Kevin Ogar’s life changed forever. He suffered a traumatic injury to his spinal cord as a result of a “freak accident” while competing at an event in Orange County, California. At this time, Kevin has no movement below the waist and will be faced with numerous surgeries and a long road ahead for rehabilitation. Kevin was without health insurance at the time of his accident.
OGAR Strong is the collaborative effort of a powerful community of people linking arms to support one of our own, Kevin Ogar. It’s true that there’s a strength in numbers and together we can rally to embrace Kevin and his family as they embark on this challenging life-changing journey.
Today we WOD for Kevin. To find out more and to donate to the cause, click here.


14 minute AMRAP
3 Power Snatches(135,95)
1 Muscle-up
12 Wallballs (20,14)

Level 2 (115,75)-Sub 3 Pull-ups and 3 dips for each muscle-up
Level 1 (95,45)-Sub 3 Pull-ups and 3 dips for each muscle-up