Nutrition Challenge Benchmarks!


Happy Columbus Day!

We will be running a normal schedule today.

We will be hosting the nutrition benchmark WODs during all classes. You do not need to be participating in the nutrition challenge to take class. If you are participating in the nutrition challenge but unable to make it to class today, please during Open Gym at some point this week.

Outdoors Primarily
Modified Dynamic Warm Up (Everything in Place)
:40 Work | :10 Rest
-Butt Kickers
-Knee to Chest
-High Knees
-Over the fence/ under the fence (back and forth)
-Lunge with twist
-Figure fours
-Samson stretch


Clean and Jerk

Nutrition Benchmark WOD
In 20 minutes:
Run 1 mile for Time
Work up to Max load Clean and Jerk

Rainy Day Subs
2000m Row
3 Mile/2.5 Bike

Core Cashout
100 medicine Ball Sit-ups
15 Hollow Rocks

The cashout starts with the hollow rocks
bicycle abs can be subbed for hollow rocks

Extra Work
2 Rounds
400M Run
100M SandBag Carry 140|90
500M Cal Ski
100M Sandbag Carry
30/25 Cal Assault Bike
100M Sandbag Carry
2:00 Rest