Nutrition Challenge Benchmarks!


Nutrition Challenge Benchmark Today!! The Challenge officially begins on Monday. For full details on the challenge check out our recent post on Instagram or email in at [email protected]

400m Run
2 Rounds
30s Work| 10s Rest
Butt kickers*
Samson stretch
Scap push ups
Air squats

*Round 2 – high knees

At 0:00- 12:00
1 Mile Run for Time

At 12:00- 24:00
Work up to a 2 rep Front Squat

At 24:00- 34:00
10 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
10 Sit-ups
10 Squats

Run Subs = 2k Row or 3 Mile Bike

Extra Work
Work The Following Into Your Warm-Up

2 Rounds
10 – Handstand Scap Push Up
10 – Shoulder Taps Per Side*
5 – Slow and Controlled Wall Climbs

*Facing the wall if able


15:00 EMOM
-100โ€™ Handstand Walk
-3 Pull-Overs*

*Scale Pull-Overs to 7 Strict Pull-Ups with a 2 second pause at the top

ADV – 150โ€™ HSW – 5 Pull- Overs