Nutre Meal Tasting Tonight!

Jan 13th, 2020

Category: CrossFit

Nutre Meal Tasting Tonight!

Brian – He Lives It

Nutre Meal Tasting Tonight
If you haven’t heard yet we’re excited to announce that we’re now carrying Nutre Meals!! They will be in the house on Monday night in Southie Green! Be sure to stop by and check out their delicious food and learn more about how Nutre Meals can help you reach your goals!

Outside of your workout, the food you fuel your body with is essential to looking, feeling, and performing your best. If you want real results then you’ve got to eat right. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Nutre – a Local and 100% Massachusetts based meal delivery company – to fuel your fitness goals the easy way. Nutre’s meal delivery fits whatever diet you’re on. Whether it’s paleo, healthy, bulking, cutting, they’ve got you covered. and for a limited time, you can get 20% OFF your first order for being a loyal member of CFS! When ordering be sure to select “pick up” and CF Southie as your location. You can order by clicking THIS LINK

Lateral Up & Overs x2
Box Crunches x 2
Single Arm Russian Swings (per side)
Single Arm Kettlebell Press (per side)

Trap Mash

2 Clean and Jerks- Starting at 70% and building

Rest 2 Minutes Then

1 Clean and Jerk

Note: If you are participating in the Nutrition Challenge, this counts as your benchmark 1RM Clean & Jerk. Be sure to record your scores and enter them in your food log!

Shoulder to Overhead 115|75
Box Jumps
Kettlebell Swings 2|1.5

Level 2 – 95|55; 1.5|1
Level 1 – 75|35

Extra Work
Tabata Air Runner|Woodway
8 sets of 20 on 10 off- Score is the Calories of your lowest round