Now Is Your Chance

Christina Morris - Long Hair Don't Care
Christina Morris – Long Hair Don’t Care

300-200-100m on Rower
15 Push-ups after each round
15 Air squats after each round
-Quad stretch against the wall
-Warm-up paralette handstands

Paralette HSPU
-If you don’t already have these, work on getting up into a handstand, try the kip with as many abmats as it takes

High Bar Back Squat/Front Squat
Rest 90s after each lift. Warm-up properly before the first set and try to keep the weight the same for all of the lifts. Base your number off of what was manageable for you last Friday for sets of 5.

WOD (20 Minutes)
Row 500 meters
20 parallette handstand push-ups
Row 500 meters
20 strict handstand push-ups
Row 500 meters
20 kipping handstand push-ups

*You can stack AbMats & plates for Parallette HSPU. If you cannot do strict HSPU, sub strict DB presses, pike push ups, or use bands.