Now Hiring

Do Real Work and Love What You Do

For the first time since we opened our doors, we are accepting applications for a full-time position here at CrossFit Southie. In the past we have exclusively hired from within, and we are excited to consider applicants from the broader CrossFit Community, outside of our own.

The details and requirements of the position are as follows:

*Full-Time (40 Hours/week) This includes:
—Coaching CrossFit Classes and Supplementary Classes (Bootcamp, Oly, Mobility, etc)
—Floating (secondary coaching)
—Administrative work
—Cleaning duties
—Special events (competitions,fundraisers, social events)
*This position will begin between August 1st and August 31st, depending on how quickly the interview process goes.
*Competitive Salary- Starting salary will be based on experience and will be readjusted as fit based on productivity.
*10 Days paid vacation
*BCBS Health Insurance

Minimum Requirements

*CrossFit Level 1
*2 Years minimum commitment
*2 years of experience with CrossFit (practicing movements whether that be at a box or on your own)
*Preferably some form of coaching experience
*Competent with computer skills and social media
*Strong work ethic and willingness to learn
*Outgoing and warm personality
*Positive and enthusiastic

We expect a lot from our staff, much more than most boxes and most applicants interested are initially aware of.   Due to the workload and high expectations, financially we are able to make this a viable/sustainable career for our staff members.  The job at hand is 40 hrs of work per week (which does not include personal workout time), requires a few split shifts and includes working 5 days weekly including Saturdays.

We are currently accepting all applications that meet the minimum requirements outlined above. At CFS we believe that personality, approach-ability, presence and work ethic are qualities that can be improved upon but come more natural for some. If you have these qualities and fit our brand, but lack coaching experience, we are willing to put in more training hours to help mold you into an incredible coach.

Our hope is to find an individual that will help uplift the CFS community, become an asset to our coaching team, and grow with our business. If you are serious about applying for this position please send a resume and cover letter detailing what CrossFit means to you, to [email protected]. There will be a sit down interview and then a practical interview for those that show promise for the position. Thank you for your interest!