November SWEAT Classes!

Oct 29th, 2019

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November SWEAT Classes!

Sean-no problem

Sean – No Problem

November SWEAT Classes!

Get back on track before the holidays with our November SWEAT classes! Just two hours out of your whole week can and will make a big difference in your health and wellness! This program is great for weight loss, extra conditioning training, or as a ramp-up for our general CrossFit program!

Mondays & Wednesdays, 6:30AM – 7:30AM
Special Rate: $99/month!

let's sweat!

Monday classes will focus on conditioning and endurance, with a heavy focus on interval training. We will run, row, bike, ski erg, jump rope, etc. Wednesday classes will still focus on conditioning, but will incorporate dumbbells, kettlebells, body weight exercises and more. There will be no barbells or high-skill gymnastics.

Every :90 Seconds
1. 250m Row
2. 250m Ski Erg
3. 200m Sandbag Run
*Scale distance as needed to finish in ~60 seconds

Double Alternating Tabata
1. High Plank Sandbag Drags
2. Alternating Single leg V-up
3. Left side plank with abduction
4. Right side plank with abduction

Every 5 Minutes for 30 Minutes
250m Row or Ski
2 Rope Climbs
200m Sandbag Run 4|3

Level 2- 1 Rope Climb
Level 1- 2 Pull to Stands, 100m sandbag Run
ADV – Legless

Extra Work
3 Rounds of
100ft Front Rack DB Lunge 50|35
9 Stone over Shoulder


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