Normatec Recovery Suits


Hey Gang, we went ahead and bought a recovery suit for the gym.  We are going to roll out its use to Unlimited members at no extra charge.  If demand is overwhelming, we may decide to charge a small fee to unlimited members for use of the system and even put together a sign up sheet.   The first session for 2x & 3x members is free and each subsequent use, as wall as any guests of the box will require a $15 payment for a 30 minutes session.

We are going to limit all sessions to 30 minutes initially .  We ask that if you put your sweaty stinky bodies in the suit, please wipe the suit down with the spray bottles and paper towels afterward.  Please enjoy, do not destroy.

How to Use

Place the intended part of the suit on (legs, arms or hips – only one can be used at a time).  Zip them up all the way and insert the air compressors as the arrows indicate.  Power up the Normatec by hitting the white button and then hit the blue button to start the compression cycle.  The suit first calibrates to the user’s body by providing an initial filling of air.  After the initial calibration, the cycle will begin.  Hit the up and down arrows for more or less compression.  Hit the turbo button during the cycle where you need the most work and the system will spend more quality time in that area then and will remember that area for each subsequent cycle that you keep the suit on for.  The cycle will continue to repeat after it commences until you power the system down. To power the system down, hit the blue standby button and then hit the white button,  unplug the air compressors, clean the suit and place it back in the bag.

If you have any other questions, consult your coaches.