No Scheduled Classes Today. Intro Class is Canceled.

May 12th, 2012

Category: CrossFit

No Scheduled Classes Today. Intro Class is Canceled.

Please be considerate of our neighbors’ parking today. CES is open until 12, please do not park in their spots or block their enterance. Carpool if you can. You can park along the BCBS fence, but please make sure that the 400m path is in no way blocked. All of dorchester ave is street parking and Hilti is closed over the weekend so that is all fair game. The last thing that you want is to be half way through one of the events and have to stop to move your car. Please relay this to friends and family as well.

Throwdown Itinerary

Volunteers and Judges arrive- 8am
Judges Meeting 8:15am- 8:25 Cover all standards for first 3 workouts
Volunteer/Judges gathering- 8:30- Will cover more details about the day’s flow
Athlete Briefing 8:30am- Cover all standards for first 3 wods
Opening announcements- 8:50am
WOD 1 Start-9:00am
WOD 2 Start- 10:30am
WOD 3 Start- 11:55am
BBQ Begins- 1:00pm
**There will be a final WOD for the top 6 men and top 6 RX women following the third WOD**
Click here to see your heat assignments and stations for WODs 1-3.These heat assignments may have changed since you last looked, so you may want to double check your heat.

Athletes you must be present at the 8:30 athlete briefing to compete. We will be covering all of the standards then. Thanks!

Event 1
7 minutes to establish 1 RM Clean and Jerk

Event 2
5 Rounds
10 Front Squats (135,95)
30 Double Unders
8 minute cap

Level 2 (115,65), 15 Double Unders
Level 1 (95,45), 60 Singles

Event 3
One time through
400m Run
30 Pull-ups
30 Box Jumps (24,20)
30 Burpees
30 Kettlebells Swings (2,1.5)
200m Sandbag run
12 minute cap

Level 2 (1.5,1)- Blue band
Level 1 (1,.25)- Green band or jumping

Some things to take note of:

  • The warm-up area will be in Southie Orange. There will be NO structured warm-up. You are on your responsible for warming up on your own and please make sure you do so adequately!
  • There will not be a jump rope in your station for workout 2. Make sure you supply your own jump rope at the proper length, or find one at the box to use prior to the start of your heat.
  • You will have a judge for every workout, please be nice to your judge 🙂 If they say “no rep” it means it doesn’t count. We will be covering standards at the athlete meeting at 8:30am and we will be strict about upholding those standards.
  • You are doing 3 workouts! Bring some recovery food with you. Something with sugar like fruit or a larabar , or a protein shake will help your energy level and recovery. Please prepare, it will help your performance.
  • We will have lots of food for the BBQ. If youcan contribute something yummy and fun that would be great!!
  • Remember the purpose of this event is to have fun! So pleeease just do your best and have a blast.


  1. Dbibeau 05/13/2012 at 9:00 pm

    Hope everyone CRUSHED the day and had a blast!!! Cant wait to get back in and WOD!!!

  2. papa schurk or papa schwag 05/12/2012 at 10:03 pm

    amy, goose, lando, (jr, lisa, mark my judges) and ALL the other judges, thank you. what a fun day! you guys are the best, you pushed me to exceed my expectations. 8 weeks ago today i walked in for the intro class and thought, ‘WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING!” since then i’ve improved by leaps and bounds (at least in my book). although, i didn’t complete all the wods i PR’d c&J, did more pull-ups at one time than i’ve ever done before and actually finished the 400 in a time that didn’t require a calendar to record! or an ambulance for that matter. I LOVE the camaraderie and encouragement that is exhibited here. it’s what keeps me coming back. congratulations to all the winners but more importantly congratulations to all the competitors (like me) who knew they had no chance of winning but worked their asses off, nay, put their asses out there for every wod! again great job by the CFS community. PULEASE do this again, it’ll give me, and many others something to work towards. i can’t wait for mondays wod, yes monday cuz this old body NEEDS a day off. mama schurk was impressed with the whole experience too. oh and btw i think i won my age group!!!

    • papa schurk 05/12/2012 at 10:07 pm

      oh yeah 1 more thing thanx Brian for getting me to come here, you probably have added years to our time together. love ya POPS