No babysitting today but Dr Miguel is here & Rowing Clinic begins :)

Hard Work

Weekend Update
– There will be NO babysitting today. We apologize for the inconvenience!
– Dr. Miguel will be here today offering Sports Wellness Services. If you’re in the need of an adjustment or treatment, click HERE to reserve your appointment.

Rowing Clinic Begins Today! 8:30AM
Starting this weekend CFS is offering a Rowing Clinic each Saturday at 8:30AM in Southie Orange! Join us for an hour long session and learn how to be more efficient on the erg (You will not be on the rower for the whole hour ;). Each session will be coach led to go over rowing technique and there will be a work out programmed on the erg. These sessions will run from Saturday January 6th – Saturday February 17th. Scroll down to see the programming for our first session!

1:00 on / :30 Rest & Rotate
1. Row
2. Hollow Hold
3. Double Unders
4. Jumping Squats

0:00- 5:00
Row for Calories

5:00-6:00 Rest

6:00-12:00 AMRAP
7 Power Snatches (95,65)
7 Thrusters

12:00-14:00 Rest

14:00- 20:00 AMRAP
15 GHD Sit-ups/20 Abmat
50 Double Unders

20:00-22:00 Rest

Row for calories

27:00 Done

Level 2- 75,55
Level 1- 65,35

*Can sub Ski, Bike or AirRunner for Row

Extra Work
Odd- 3 Position Snatch working from the top down.
*Start at 70% and climb with each set
Even- 40 Double unders with the heavy rope

Rowing Session
3 min row @ 1-2 on the damper
Then: 2x through
10 jump squats
10 step ups
10 push ups
10 box jumps

Rowing 101 – technique breakdown

2000m row @ 2k pace+10 seconds
25 burpees
40 box jumps
25 burpees
2000m row @2k pace+10 seconds