New Beginnings

Dan - great extension
Dan – great extension

Hey Toasties! Thank you for your cooperation over the last few weeks with participating in general classes. The energy has been great and it has been fun having the competitors interacting with general CrossFit members. A break from the grind and volume is necessary if you want to experience gains long term.

We are going to get back to our competitor programming this week but there will be times when our WODs line up with general classes and If our programming lines up with the general class, we will hold the BT and general class together to keep the energy and camaraderie up.

So here is the deal, over the next 12 weeks we will be taking part in the Hatch program and focused skill work. Week to week we will the same format. By following the Hatch program overall strength will improve and it will provide a good base for building on olympic lifts and midline strength. Each day there will be a focused gymnastic skill not for time. On certain days the skill may appear in the WOD, but as a different variation. Conditioning/WOD will not have any heavy lifting involved, except for on Saturdays.   Below is the general format that we will following for the next 12 weeks.

Monday: Hatch Day 1
Skill: Muscle-ups

Tuesday: Olympic Lifting OR Long Conditiong
Skill: Handbalancing/Toes to Bar

Wednesday: Olympic Lifting OR Long Conditiong
Skill: Pull-ups/Ropes

Friday: Hatch Day 2
Skill: Handstand Push-up/Ring Dip

Saturday: No strength- Fun WODs

The Regional competition is becoming more and more competitive each year. If we want to have a good showing in 2016 we need to start our focus now. If you think you have what it takes to be a potential 2016 team member and are willing to put in the work, we would like to give you some individual programming to help minimize weaknesses. If this is something you are interested in, give us a shout.

Warm Up
Run 800m
Muscle up skill work
Work on non-false grip MU if you don’t already have them

Strength (20 minutes)
Work up to your 1RM
Back Squat

Every 2 Minutes complete
Max UB Muscle-ups

Games- Weight Vest
Regional- As written
Open- Max MUPs in 1 Minute OR 3 Stict Pull-ups, 3 Dips, 3 Transitions

With A partner or resting 1:1
10 Rounds Each
50m Sprint
50m Sled Push/sprint (90,60)