CFS Networking

Attention Crossfit Southie Members!

Have you ever looked around your class and wondered “What do these athletes do when they aren’t power snatching or stringing muscle ups together??”

Well now is your chance to find out.  I will be organizing a networking group for Crossfit Southie members.  The purpose of this group will be to connect members with each other for a wide range of professional and personal purposes including:

–          Networking

–          Learning about job opportunities

–          Business Referrals

–          Career Tips

–          Business Partnering

–          Finding a Contractor (Plumber, Electrician, etc.)

–          Business Idea sharing

–          Study Groups

–          Making new Friends!

The first meeting for the group will be at Crossfit Southie in the new space (OLD CES, red door between Orange and Green) tonight, Wednesday May 15th at 7:00pm.  This is a great opportunity to take advantage of this amazing community.

The second meeting will be held 7pm, June 27th at the Stadium on Old Colony and Dorchester St.

This network is not limited to certain professions, EVERYONE is welcome.  We all share a common interest in fitness and Burpees, who knows what else we might have in common!