Nancy, did you gain some weight?!

Tracy- Showing the rep
Tracy- Showing the rep

The first Open workout will  be released next Thursday (Feb 27th) and we will be testing on Friday. Make sure that if you have not signed up for the Open you get on it! You should be signing up for the team CrossFit Southie II unless you have been instructed otherwise.

Next week will be a deloading week. Sunday-Thursday it it is advised that you get as much rest as possible. There will still be programming, but it is going to be light and geared toward active recovery. Please give your body a break from the grind, it is not the time to be adding extra volume….plenty of that is on it’s way. On Friday we expect to see you refreshed and READY to CRUSH to first Open WOD.

800m Run
20 sots press with Barbell
Roll and stretch hamstrings and quads

Warm-up Snatch for the Oly test

Oly Test
Establish a 1 RM Snatch
The clock will be set for 5, 2 minute intervals (10 minutes)
Every 2 minutes you have the chance to complete a lift. There are 5 total attempts, you cannot descend in weight. If you miss the lift you must wait until the buzzer for your next attempt to retry. You can forgo an attempt if you want more rest.

**you will have 15 minutes to warm up your squat snatch before your opening weight**

WOD (20 minutes)
Heavy Nancy
5 Rounds
400m Run
15 overhead squats (135, 95)

…This is not Naughty Nancy from the games.

Open (115,80)

Don’t forget to take the CrossFit judging exam.  We don’t need any bro reps during these Opens.