Muscle Up Biathalon

Quigs... so mean.
Quigs… so mean.

20 shoulder taps
Run a loop
20 shoulder taps

1. Handstand walk
Games- work on 50ft unbroken with turn around
2. Muscle-up efficiency- linking reps

“Muscle up Biathalon”
400-meter run
18 muscle-ups
400-meter run
15 muscle-ups
400-meter run
12 muscle-ups

Regional- 14-10-8 Muscle-ups
Open- 9-6-3 Muscle-ups or 25-20-15 Chest to Bar pull-ups

*Each time you break the muscle ups you must complete a 200m penalty run.

3 Rounds
20 GHD sit-ups
10 Weighted Hip extensions