Multi Functional Squat

Dale - Quarter Squat
Dale – Quarter Squat

**Today’s Monday Columbus Day schedule will be as follows. Gym opens at 5:30am but will be hosting coached class at 6am, and 7am only.There will not be a 5:30, 6:30,7:30am in Southie Orange. For the rest of the day the schedule will remain the same.**

low bar hips back squat

Oly Squat

PowerLifting Squat – this hips back position allows the athlete to load the hamstrings and glutes more effectively however it is more difficult to reach depth in this position. Also, the chest is forced forward. If a barbell was entered into the front rack position the weight would be out in front of the athletes mid-line making it more difficult to stand up with.

Oly Squat – you can immediately notice the difference here. The torso is much more erect with the shoulder stacked over the hips and ankles. If a barbell is introduced in the front rack or overhead position it would be much easier for the athlete to transmit force to the weight as the body is in this stacked positions and would create a much straighter more efficient bar path. This results ultimately in adding much more weight in the squat clean and front squat variations. Work to get comfortable and perfect this position and watch all your numbers go up.

Partner up
One person runs 400m while the other AMRAPS 5 low hang power snatches, 5 Snatch Balances then switch.

1. Low Hang (below the knee) Squat Snatch 5×2 80%-90% (Start at 80% work up incrementally to 90%)

2. EMOM for 10 minutes
Odd – Snatch Pullx2@100%
Even – Snatch Balancex2@50%

Back Squat 5×2
* all squats during the Oly program should be of the high bar fashion

WOD – 12 minute cap
3 Rounds
10 Overhead Squats (165,115)
400m Run

Regional (145, 105)
Open (125, 100)