Moving Big Weight


Garage Games Update

Garage Games Judges are expected to show up at 7am on Saturday and Sunday.  Judges, please be sure to watch and re-watch all of the standards videos here beforehand.  We will review the standards each morning.  Garage Games Volunteers – please check out the Volunteer Duties and times here.  Anyone else that is free Friday evening, swing by and help us get set up if you are able.  Friday night classes in Southie Orange are cancelled for registration and set up.  Garage Games Athletes – we are trying to shuffle around the heats to meet your requests through e-mail.  We will respond to you all early this week.   Final heats will be posted later this week.

Competitor classes will run alongside all classes on the hour going forward.  Most of these classes will all be held in Southie Green, except for when we mop Green on Mondays.  Competitors are expected to show up on the hour and may not jump in to class at any time they please.  Burpee Penalties will be assessed where necessary.  The programming can be found under the burnt toast link on the right side of the page.

Work up to a 1 RM
Clean and Jerk