Moving Weight for Reps

25 11ft wall balls
Worlds greatest stretch right leg (2-5 minutes)
25 2 for 1’s @ 10 ft
Worlds greatest stretch left leg (2-5 minutes)

Front Squat with Chains
All sets should be heavy and explosive.

Between sets do a max effort attempt at ring dips. If you cannot exceed 10 on your first set, use a red band anchored from above and get stronger.

Alternating Tabatas – Moving Weight for Reps
20s work:10s rest x 8
Rest 1 minute after all 8 intervals have been completed

1. Thruster/Power Clean
2. Shoulder to Overhead/Burpee
3. Squat Snatch/Clap Push-Up

set up the bar so you can strip weight for the 3rd tabatta

your score will be your total reps, keep a running tally throughout.

To avoid confusion we will be using the same clock as the general classes, They will be doing 5 tabattas so be sure to start no later than on the third tabatta.

Games- 1&2 (155,105), 3 (135,95)
Regional- 1&2 (135,95), 3 (115,80)
Open- 1&2 (115,80), 3 (95,65)