Motivation Monday

QUARANTINE Accountability CHALLENGE – Rolling sign up so feel free to join at anytime. The goal of this challenge is to maintain routine, exercise, nutrition, sanity and community while in self isolation.

AT HOME FITNESS – Check SugarWOD app for coaching videos and Download the Zoop App and click the link —-> for a Virtual Coached WOD at noon.  Can’t make the class?  Find our At Home Fitness Classes on our YouTube page.

Also, take a look at our No Equipment, No Problem WOD DOC for various workouts. 

Take a look at our No Equipment, No Problem WOD Document for various workouts.

It’s amazing how many barbells, db’s & kb’s made their way outside the walls of the box and into your homes.  While they are in your possession we want to make sure that we can continue to provide Movement Coaching to help you move better. If you are interested in receiving specific coaching on anything, let us know or simply film yourself and direct message us on Instagram.

Warm Up
2 Rounds – 50s on 10off
-High Knees
-Single Leg Hip Raises Right – Shoulders on box or odd object if accessible
-Single Leg Hip Raises left
-Plank Walk Outs

2 Rounds of 10 Y’s, T’s I’s & W’s

At Home Strength
Single Leg Deadlift

Odd- RL 5 Reps
LL- LL 5 Reps

-Single leg deadlifts are easy to do with a single object.
-If you only have light weight, double the reps

Conventional Strength
3 Reps Deadlift or Sumo Deadlift

Odd Minutes -100m Hill sprint (20-30s) or odd object run
Even Minutes- 5 strict pull-ups or 10 Push-ups

ADV – Add weight or reps to Pull ups. Perform Push Ups with hands on 1 or 2 odd objects, feet elevated or try 5 single arm push ups on each side.

If you don’t have hill accessibility sub the following
Odd object Run
10 Bulgarian Split Squats

Extra Work
Accumulate 3 Minutes in a Wall Facing Handstand Hold in as fewest sets as possible.

ADV – 5 Minutes