Monkey in the Middle

Feb 25th, 2020

Category: CrossFit

Monkey in the Middle

7:00 Am Crew – Holding It Down!

Saturday Schedule Update: There will be no babysitting and no mobility class this Satrurday (2/29). We apologize for the inconvenience!

:40 Work/:20 Rest and Rotate
-Jump Rope
-L-Sit Flutter Kicks*
-Jump Rope
-DB Goblet Box Squats
-Jump Rope
-L- Ups on pull-up rig*

*Underhand hang grip option is slightly easier, flutter kicks can also be performed on rings.

Hollow Rock Challenge
80 Hollow Rocks

Quad Rolling
Couch Stretch

Box Squat- 3 Reps

Pause Squat
1 Rep
*3 Mississippi Count in the bottom

Single Arm Snatches 50|35
Toes to Bar

50 Double Unders after each round

Level 2- 40|25
Level 1- 30|15
ADV – 70|50, 75 Dubs after each set

Extra Work
2 Rounds of
8|6 Ring Muups
24 Pistols

Rest 2 mins

2 Rounds of
8|6 Bar Muscle Ups
24 Wall Balls 20|10