Closed this Weekend & New Years Details

Gambee #2 making his debut with MUs during his first class

*Reminder* – We will be hosting a L1 coaches certification all weekend.  The box will be closed for classes and there will be no free intro session.  If you are unable to make it in this week for your designated number of classes because of the cert, feel free to make them up next week. Usually we have an outdoor destination WOD, but it is going to be quite brisk out there so we decided against it. We encourage you to go explore other local affiliates and see what their Saturday classes are like! Chris and I apologize again for the inconvenience. Your fellow members earning their certification this weekend are very thankful for your understanding.

We are hosting a New Years bash for our Holiday Party this year seeing that the weeks leading up to Christmas are crazy! Please read below:

Where: Stadium-1/2 of the downstairs
Time: 8pm-2am
Cost: $75/person
Food and Drink: Open bar from 8-2, including all types of alcohol, not just the cheap stuff. No shots. Food served throughout the night.
Entertainment: DJ and a band. I believe the DJ starts the night off, the band comes on from 10-1130, then the DJ comes back on.
Limitations: Only 100 tickets. Everyone must arrive before 10pm

Buying Tickets: The Stadium doesn’t have an online payment system set up, well because it is the Stadium. To reserve your spot you can do 1 of 4 things.

  1. Call the stadium and have them take down your phone number, cc info and name.
  2. Email the manager Mike Webber: with your phone number, cc info and name.
  3. Drop by the Stadium, ask for mike and give him your phone number, cc info and name.
  4. Or bring in a sealed envelope with $75 cash with your name and phone number on the front and I can bring them by to Mike.

Please don’t ask me any questions about this, if the option isn’t above then it’s not an option. Sorry 🙁

This is a really cheap deal and we get to stay in Southie. I think the tickets will sell out extremely fast, so do not wait!

Double unders

Max Consecutive Double Unders

1000m Row
50 Thrusters (empty bar)
30 Pull Ups