Self Sufficient Athletes

One of the main goals as a coach at CrossFit Southie is to create well rounded, self sufficient athletes. We constantly strive to teach movement progressions, physiology of exercise/nutrition, weight room safety and tips to help you perform better. We do this because we have a true passion for helping others and want to expand your knowledge of all things CrossFit. The more information you absorb as an athlete the more the coaches are able to help. All to often at the end of class when recording weights and scores we hear things like “a green bar, with I think a 15, a 10 and maybe a 2.5 on each side”, or “I don’t what color band I used”. Ideally, if you could remember your weights on the platform, WOD times and modifications with precision, we as coaches can reference that information for future workouts. We can formulate weights that should challenge you best, and make adjustments that will help you achieve a level of higher fitness. We love seeing you reach your potential so please help us….help you!

Back Squat
5-5-5 (strict sets)

10 rounds of
10 Thrusters (95/65)
10 Ring Push Ups

L2- 7 rounds (80/50); hand release push ups
L1- 5 rounds (65/35); hand release push ups