Members of the Month: Melissa Hicks & Tom Bavin

We are very excited to announce our first members of the month in 2016… Melissa Hicks and Tom Bavin! Tom and Melissa have been members of CFS for many years now and are an integral part of our community. They always go above and beyond to support our coaches, competitors, and members alike. We can always count on them to be there cheer on our competitors at Regionals, or show up in style to any CFS party. Tom has been the voice of the Southie Showdown for many years, and Melissa is a practically a professional judge of the Rx Men’s division at this point. Oh, and did we mention they got ENGAGED here?! We have loved getting to know them over the past four years, and are lucky to have them as part of our community. Be sure to say hi and get to know these two if you don’t already. This place wouldn’t be the same without them. Congrats, Melissa & Tom!

How did you get involved in CrossFit? What was your first WOD/experience?
Tom: I was on vacation on Vancouver Island and I decided to get a trainer for the week at the hotel. The trainer was an ex-Canadian Naval officer and she walked me past the treadmills and free weights downstairs to the “Box” and told me we’d be doing Crossfit. I lasted all of 15min before I was on the ground and done for the day. Two days later I showed up for another session and she introduced me to more of the movements and designed a WOD with running and light barbell movements. She thought it would take me 20-25min, 45min later I finished. As bad as it was, I was hooked.
Melissa: A friend and I ran Reach The Beach and she suggested I try CrossFit.
I actually did Helen at Gold’s Gym in Southie before I even joined. I couldn’t do 1 pull-up unassisted and I was doing the push-ups on my knees!

CFS Proposal

When did you start coming to CrossFit Southie?
Tom: February 2012
Melissa: I joined CrossFit Southie at the end of November 2011. I met with Goose for a one on one for the intro wod. I was petrified but loved it immediately. Thrusters, box jumps and burpees were quite challenging. I was so intimidated because Goose was demonstrating the movements with ease!

Is this the first CrossFit you’ve worked out at / how long have you been CrossFitting for?
Tom: I started at Crossfit Bridgewater for about 6 months before I moved to Southie.
Melissa: This has been my one and only Crossfit, I’ve been here for 4 years! If we travel we will always find another box to go to. Tom and I have a rule for vacation. There has to be golf for him, a beach for me, and a CrossFit for the both of us.

When did you realize that CrossFit was right for you?
Tom: During and after the first WOD I did on vacation, it was an absolutely miserable experience but it still felt like an accomplishment.
Melissa: Immediately!! I joined for 2 days a week and quickly changed to 3 days per week. I think about a month after I made the switch to unlimited.

What are you short-term and long-term CrossFit goals?
Tom: Had you asked me this question a few years ago (when I should have first received this honor), I would have said something about improving my back squat or stringing together muscle ups. For a period of time Goose and Amy actually let me do Burnt Toast, or whatever you’d call my version of it. Now I just want to stay in shape and maintain a general level of fitness where I feel good about myself. Let’s face it, I have the mobility of the tin-man and zero athletic prowess. So I’ll just settle for getting my conditioning back to an acceptable level and developing a stronger core.
Melissa: Right now my short term goals are getting through my first pregnancy and still being able to CrossFit. I hope I can keep my pull-ups and ring dips as I get bigger!!
Long term a bar muscle up and muscle up would be nice. I’m also embarrassed to say I had dubs for a week and lost them. This will be one of the first things I will work on after the baby. ( Tom is laughing his ass off right now).

IMG_9767What is your biggest accomplishment?
Tom: I have two:
1. The muscle up WOD in the opens last year, I made it through the entire first round and into the 2nd set. Most of the time my MUPS aren’t what you’d call “street legal” as the false grip causes me to bend my arms at the bottom. I made Haley stand right next to me and confirm my arms were locked out at the bottom each time.
2. Leading my team to victory at the internal throw down last year….
Melissa: I got a 200lb back squat once and a 145lb squat clean! I am just so happy to make it through all of these challenging wods. I don’t have a very athletic background

What is your favorite / least favorite WOD/movement?
Tom:My favorite movements are power cleans, rope climbs and dips. My least favorite is anything that requires squat or shoulder mobility, thankfully we don’t do much of that here.
Melissa: My favorite movements are pull-ups, handstand push-ups and squat cleans.
My least favorite movements are snatches and my lack of dub coordination!

What do you do for a profession outside of CrossFit?
Tom:I’m the head of Product Management for the IG Fixed Income and Structured Credit units of an institutional asset manager.
Melissa: I am a registered nurse at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. I work in the Post Anesthesia Unit.

What are your hobbies outside of CrossFit?
Tom: I officiate college basketball in the winter and golf in the summer. My yearlong hobby is keeping Melissa organized and assigning her tasks for her off days.
Melissa: I’ve run several half marathons and 2 marathons. I ran Reach The Beach 5 years in a row. I can barely run a mile now! I tried golf with Tom but so far all I do is try and lift the ball! I would say relaxing at the beach is my favorite past time.

Do you eat Paleo or Zone? What is your favorite paleo/non-paleo meal?
Tom: 80-90% paleo. The problem with my diet isn’t the content, it’s the volume. I finish my plate and Melissa’severy night. Dessert and tequila are my cheats, I have a hard time turning either down.
Melissa: We do eat mostly paleo. I’d say about 80-90%. Of course now that I’m pregnant I’m enjoying some dairy and extra carbs!

Fun fact?
Tom: My dad benched me in a Little League All Star tournament when I was in the 6th grade. I went 0 for 4 and struck out all four times, so I deserved it.
Melissa: Have you ever seen my little hop to kick up onto the wall for a handstand push-up? That would be from my cheering and dancing days.

Schedule Update: We have cancelled the 730am class on Mondays and Fridays.  We still have class on Tues, Wed & Thurs at 730am.

Hollow Rock Challenge
50 Hollow Rocks

Test Day!

1. Max Consecutive Pull-ups (No more than 2 attempts)

2. Max Burpees in 1 Minute

3. Work up 1 rep Max Deadlift

4. 1000m Row for Time


  • Bish

    02/02/2016 @ 4:28 pm


    Love: Bish

  • Meghan Wisell

    02/02/2016 @ 3:26 am

    16 Pull ups
    20 Burpees
    250 Deadlift – PR
    3:46 Row, off my Pr by 2 seconds

  • Dave Chaput

    02/02/2016 @ 2:38 am

    Congrats T&M
    Pull-ups: 51
    Burpees: 26
    Deadlift: 415
    Row: 3:13
    Judging Coolidge on max effort night: Priceless

  • Michael Byrnes

    02/02/2016 @ 1:47 am

    20 pull ups
    28 burpees
    415# DL
    3:18 row

  • Trevor Crean

    02/02/2016 @ 1:17 am

    55 pull ups
    23 burpees
    325# DL
    3:40 row

  • Manny Rodriguez

    02/02/2016 @ 1:04 am

    43 pull ups
    28 burpees
    430 DL PR
    Row 3:46

  • Mike Quigley

    02/02/2016 @ 12:02 am

    Congrats Tom and Melissa!

  • Mike Quigley

    02/02/2016 @ 12:01 am

    30 pull ups/ 25 burpees/ 375 DL / 3:21.5 1000m with the 4:30pm crew.

  • Eddy

    02/02/2016 @ 12:00 am

    Congrats Tom and Melissa!
    Pull-ups: 30
    Burpees: 23
    Deadlift: 380
    Row: 3:24.9

  • Diana O'Neil

    02/01/2016 @ 8:30 pm

    PU 24, Burp 24, FS 195×5, Row 3:42 (3:43 9 mos ago)
    BT wod after

  • KA

    02/01/2016 @ 4:53 pm

    Congrats Tom and Melissa! Well deserved.

  • Ben Brauer

    02/01/2016 @ 3:25 pm


    Pull ups: 34 (10 rep PR)
    Burpees: 26
    Row: 3:20

  • Kelly

    02/01/2016 @ 3:20 pm

    AWWWW!!!! The cutest.
    12 pullups
    20 burpees
    140 front squat (instead of DL)
    4:27 row
    Will work on strengthening back and shoulders

  • Morgan

    02/01/2016 @ 2:47 pm

    Gah love the CFS proposal! Congrats Melissa and Tom 🙂
    I did BT today cause I’m not doing the challenge
    FS 200×3 (5#pr)
    DL – 285×2
    wod – 7:30; 15:10; 23:30 (blue band for mups – thanks for the help Goose and Marc!)

  • lizowiz

    02/01/2016 @ 2:46 pm

    Congrats to two of my faves!

  • CashLady

    02/01/2016 @ 2:45 pm


    Pull-ups: 20
    Burpees: 17
    DL: 235
    Row: 4:29

  • Crowley

    02/01/2016 @ 2:30 pm

    Congrats Melissa and Tom!

    pull-ups: 43
    burpees: 25
    deadlift: 365 – failed 405
    1000m row: 3:25

  • Frawls

    02/01/2016 @ 2:24 pm

    Congrats, guys!

  • Mikey Jones

    02/01/2016 @ 4:22 am

    Horrible people, the set of them!!!, honestly though congrats tom and Melissa Love mikey

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