MOBLOKO – Performance Mobility Pack

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MOBLOKO – Performance Mobility Packs

Do you have aches and pains? Do you have trouble with the overhead squat? Do you encounter shoulder discomfort? Does the rack position cause wrist pain? Are your movements perfect, or are they inefficient? Do you neglect flexibility work or have mobility tools strewn about your apartment, car and gym bag? If there the answer is yes to any of these questions then the MOBLOKO is the solution!RedMeshFULL

Coach Berretta has created a convenient portable mobility pack with a splash of style. The MOBLOKO is a 12″ Roller with storage caps that enclose additional mobility items including a large dimpled ball, medium dimpled ball, precision peanut, and looped flexibility strap. The best part? You get to chose which design fits your personality best!

This product is going to revolutionize the mobility game and wants CrossFit Southie members to have the first crack at being part of it. Coach Berretta will be offering the MOBLOKO for sale by hosting a display booth in Southie Green on Wednesday and Thursday night. The cost will be $60 cash, or $64.99 if charged through your account. Don’t delay, supplies are limited and presale price will not last. Visit the MOBLOKO WEBSITE, chose your design and SECURE YOURS NOW.¬†Officially on sale Wednesday 7/9.shivaniboss

Coach Berretta has the passion for helping people move better and is always willing to help provide a mobility solution. Don’t hesitate to approach him for help with any problem. Lastly, if you have any association with corporate wellness programs, road races, fitness challenges, athletic trainers, or anyone you think would benefit from this product or would like more information please CONTACT

High Bar Back Squat

12 Minute AMRAP
7 Power Cleans (115,75)
6 Front Squats
5 Thrusters
4 Shoulder to Overhead

Level 2 (95,55)
Level 1 (75,35)

Lower body