Southie CrossFitters will honor MLK through hard work and sweat. We are following a normal schedule, come on in!

Chris and Amy,

Yesterday marked 3 months since I joined the CrossFit Southie team.  It has been a tremendous journey so far and I feel so great about what I have been able to accomplish since day1.  I have you to thank for everything you have done for me.

During the first few weeks of CrossFit, I was at the point of tears during WODs, barely able to climb stairs in the mornings, and feeling overwhelmingly exhausted…Now I feel great everyday and am constantly filled with energy and excitement.  You have pushed me to my ultimate limits and I haven’t felt better in my entire life than I do now.

CrossFit has made me successful in other things besides thrusters and burpees…I have recently earned positive recognition from my boss and was given more responsibility for my unit/kitchen.  I guess you could call it a promotion. :)

Also, since Kristen and I are CrossFitters together, our journey has definitely made our relationship grow.  Since we feel better about ourselves, we feel better about each other as well, and I know for a fact that she absolutely loves you guys (and CrossFit) just as much as I do.   We are totally hooked.

I look forward to everyday I get to come to Southie and do the WOD.  Even though there are always those days where you don’t feel like doing anything, I still know that a CrossFIt day is always a good day.

I absolutely love your positive energy and enthusiasm that you bring to the workouts everyday.  It definitely shows and doesn’t go unnoticed.  I am a more positive and well rounded person physically and mentally and I have you to thank.  So…thanks for everything you do and have done for me because it is greatly appreciated.

As for the ext 3 months, they are going to be interesting…The Paleo challenge is definitely going to be a challenge.  But I am going to commit and see what happens!  I am excited to see the positive results and since you guys are the pros I am completely confident that it will be a success.  I hope CFSouthie continues to grow and Chris’ sick obsession with Burpees never end!  You guys are the best.  Don’t ever change.

-Emily Hedgepeth (crazy legs)
Bear Complex**

5 Rounds
5 Bear Complexes** (95/65)
10 Burpee Lateral Jumps
ADV (115/80)
**Power clean to front squat to overhead to back squat to overhead. Then bring the bar back to the ground.