Mid Week Midline


Outdoors Primarily
Please do not park in the lot

Warm Up
3 Rounds
30s Work| 15s Rest
-Box movement**
-Single Leg V Ups
-Snatch Movement
-Pike Ups on Rower

*Increase pace with each round
**Rd 1 – Lateral Up & Overs
Rd 2 – Box Jump, Step Down
Rd 3 – Box Jump Overs
Rd 1 – Snatch Grip Deadlift
Rnd 2 – Snatch high pull
Rnd 3 – Muscle Snatch

Shoulder Rolling

WOD (30 Minute Cap)
E5MOM Until you Reach X Reps

25/20 Calorie Row
3 Rounds
3 Power Snatches 115|75
4 Box Jump Overs
In the remaining time
Max Sit-ups

RX= 150 Sit-ups
Level 3- 100 Sit-ups
Level 2- 400m Row 95|55 75 Sit-ups
Level 1- 300m Row 75|35, Step-up and Over, 50 Sit-ups

ADV Р135/95 Р6 box jump overs 

*Scale appropriately

Extra Work
100 Double Unders
50ft Hs Walk*
80 Double Unders
40ft Hs Walk
60 Double Udners
30ft HS Walk
40 Double Unders
20ft HS Walk
20 Double Unders
10ft HS Walk

*Sub 25ft or 3 wall climbs.

ADV – 50-40-30-20-10 Drag Rope, 50ft Each HS Walk & 3 Burpee Penalty every time you Break either the HS Walk or Double Under