Memorial WOD for Officer Manny Familia

Officer Manny Familia

This Saturday we will be honoring a fallen hero who was also a member of the CrossFit community at Crossfit Centermass. On the afternoon of Friday, June 04, 2021, Officer Manny Familia made the ultimate sacrifice when he perished attempting to save a 14 year old boy who was reported to have drowned at a pond in Worcester, Massachusetts.
Officer Familia is a five year Veteran of the Worcester Police Department and leaves behind his wife Jennifer, 13 y.o. Son Jovan and 17 y.o. Daughter Jayla. If you would like to help support the Familia Family there has been a Go Fund Me page set up and you can find the link HERE. Any support is greatly appreciated and we hope to see everyone on Saturday.

The WOD symbolizes the date Manny passed (6/4/2021) and all the reps add up to his badge number #267

Primarily Indoors
Warm Up
200M Run
2 Rounds
5 Squat Mornings*
10 Bent Over Rows
12|10 Cal Row

*Round 2 – 10 Thrusters

WOD (40:00 CAP)
8 rounds
6 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
4 Thrusters 135|95
21|16 Calorie Row

18 UB Back Squats 225|155

1 mile Burden Run (Sandbag Run)

Level 3 -125|85, 185|125, 800m with sandbag, 800m without
Level 2- 115|75, 155|105, 400m with sandbag, 800m without, 5 Rounds 16|13 Cal Row
Level 1- 95|55, 125|85, 1800m unweighted run, 12|10 Calorie Row

Extra Work
Ring Dips

Scaled – 15-12-9