Member of the month: Lissa Rudnick

Lissa the Champ! Check out that sweet Member of the Month belt!

COMPETITION MEETING: We are getting the competition seminar with Coach Lando and crew going again. This Saturday, December 17 @ 9am we will meet to touch base before people disburse for the Holidays and New Years. ANYONE and EVERYONE interested in competing in 2012, new and veteran, beginner and Regional caliber, whether it be local competitions or the 2012 CrossFit Games Opens, is encouraged to attend.

We will be going over some important baseline movement standards that people should be proficient at, setting a training program starting January 1, and a few other things to get people ready for the 2012 competition season.

Lissa was my very first athlete.  For five long years, she was my guinea pig.  She has watched Amy and I grow as coaches and people and  has been nothing less than supportive since the first day we met.  When I first started getting involved with CrossFit, she thought I was crazy!  Slowly but surely, I was able to convince her otherwise and she has made leaps and bounds since.  She went from training with me 1x a week (for 5 years with an abundance of stall tactics and lots of socializing during our sessions) to 2x when we first opened CrossFit (unsure if it was for her), to 3x times a few months ago (started to sip the kool-aid and get involved with the community) and most recently to unlimited (never looking back).  You can consistently find her volunteering her time at CrossFit events (both days at both Garage Games) and hanging around the box working on mobility, skills or chatting it up with other members.  She is one of the kindest most genuine people I have ever met and we are truly happy to have her as a part of our community and wish her all the successes she deserves in and outside of the box!

How did you get involved?
I didn’t choose Crossfit, I chose Goose, and when he found Crossfit so did I.  When I started training with Goose years ago my goal was to reduce the pain and stiffness from Rheumatoid Arthritis as a supplement to all the medication.  A couple years later I was completely off meds and feeling better than I had in 10 years.

First WOD?
I can’t even remember my first WOD with Goose it was so long ago, but I distinctly remember my legs being so burnt that even 5 days later I was holding onto every stair railing for dear life.

When did you start coming to CFS?
When Goose and Amy were talking about opening Southie as excited as I was for them, I was worried that we might have to break up.  I could handle the personal training, but doing Crossfit in a box was a whole different story.  I promised myself and them I’d give it a try, and after a couple starts and stops I’m here for good.

When did you realize CrossFit was right for you?
Even though I have been coming pretty consistently since April, it wasn’t actually until August when I actually felt that it was for me.  One day I woke up, read the WOD, and instead of wanting to throw up a little in my mouth, I was looking forward to going.  I was a coxswain in college, and until Crossfit I struggled to find a sport and the people that make you show up even when you don’t want to – it is an individual sport in a team environment which is just up my alley.

Biggest accomplishment:
205 lb deadlift, coming 5 days in a row and being able to walk the next day

Short term goals:
Consistently string 10+ DUs together, reduce the time I spend “staring” at the weight bar in metacons
Long, long term goal is to be able to do all the bodyweight movements (pull-ups, toes to bar, etc) without any bands

Favorite workout : The Bear
Least favorite movements/workout: Any kind of running, mountain climbers

Profession: Area Director of Revenue Management for Hilton Hotels – not as fancy as it sounds, basically I decide room rates.

Hobbies outside of Crossfit:
On the weekends I get my horse fix up in Methuen volunteering at the MSPCA barn

Fun Fact:
My left thumb is 1/2 inch shorter than my right

Rope Climbs

Deadlifts (225,155)
20′ Shuttle sprints (20′ forward + 20′ backwards = 1 rep)

Level 2 (185,115)
Level 1 (135,75)
ADV (275,185)